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Speech and Language Disorders are highly correlated with the following:

· Prematurity and/or low birth weight
· Delayed development of other areas
· Brain injury/stroke
· Mental retardation
· Syndromes
· Chronic ear infections and/or hearing loss

Speech and language therapist helping children with auditory problems.

We accept all credit cards.

At KSPS, we accept a variety of payment options including: cash, check, and credit cards. We also accept third party payment from any private insurance plan that provides speech therapy benefits. Please contact us regarding our network status for your private healthcare insurance company.

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Articulation is the production of speech sounds. Although speech sounds develop following a pattern, an articulation disorder is present when sounds are not acquired by the appropriate age or are not present following an illness or injury. Substituting sounds, such as “tup” for “cup”, or speech which is very difficult to understand indicates the possible need for intervention.

Language is the comprehension and expression of ideas through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. A language disorder is an impairment in one or more of these skills. Characteristics include difficulty with: developing vocabulary and grammar, using social language, following directions, solving problems, reading fluently, and writing effectively.

Voice is the production of sound in terms of pitch, loudness, and quality. A disorder is an unusual variation in a person’s voice that calls attention to itself or is painful. Voice disorders may cause hoarseness, tension, breathiness, change in pitch, or the absence of voice. Collaboration with other medical professionals is imperative in providing appropriate treatment of a voice disorder.

Fluency is the smooth flow of speech. When fluent communication is inhibited or diminished, a disorder exists. Stuttering, the most common form of dysfluency, includes stopping, repeating, or prolonging sounds or words, as well as adding unnecessary words.

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